Purpose of the Backyard Farm Gardening Space: This space is intended for active gardening. Our garden brings the Backyard Farm & Erin Mills community together, helping us to feel connected to ourselves, each other, our food, and soil.

The following are guidelines designed to keep the garden a happy, friendly, and supportive space.

● I will have my individual plot planted by June 15th, and keep it planted all summer long. After June 15th, unplanted plots (and garden fees) are understood to be forfeited and reassigned.

● If I am unable to continue gardening, have trouble coming to the garden regularly, or if I am in need of assistance I will email leslie at leslae@hotmail.com. I am also aware I can contact site coordinators by text (their info is provided in person.)

● I will participate in at least 2 hours per month (minimum 12 hours per year) of group gardening work (e.g. garden clean-up, mulching, etc). Sign up for shifts: http://vols.pt/vzV6CW 

● I will not touch other people’s individual plots. I will harvest only my own crops and a modest share of the crops in the community garden beds.

● This is an organic garden, and I will not use any chemicals in this garden. This includes chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. I may bring seedlings and seeds that have been conventionally produced, but I will not use chemicals of any kind.

● I will only put plant scraps into the composter, and not sticks, large stems and root balls, or animal waste. All plant waste should be cut or broken to 2 inches or shorter in length.

● I will keep my plot free of trash and litter. It is the responsibility of all gardeners to help keep the space neat and tidy, and I will take an active role in this.

● I will keep my plants in my plot boundary, will regularly check on my plants, and tie them up or back as needed. I will try to keep tall plants and planting structures toward the middle of my plot.

● I will peacefully discuss any issues my gardening neighbours bring to me (e.g. plant overgrowth, shade issues) and agree to an approach that works for everyone.

● I will keep pets out of the gardening beds.

● I will not smoke in the gardening area as I understand that tobacco can be harmful to both people and plants.

● I will make an effort to discuss openly and respectfully, any issues that arise.

● I will monitor my plants for mold and disease. If my plants are afflicted, I will remove them, out of consideration for others. I understand that if my affected plants pose a risk to others’ plants, the Garden Committee, may remove them after providing notice at least seven days in advance.

● I will harvest the produce growing in my plot at right time and not let it go waste. I understand that if I do not harvest when required, I will be contacted by a site coordinator and given 24 hrs to harvest and if I do not harvest within the given time frame, the produce will be harvested and donated to a local food bank.  If I am letting these plants go to seed,I will inform the site coordinator.

● I will make this a welcoming space for people visiting The Backyard Farm & Market. I will be an ambassador for the garden.

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Application Received by: ___________________

Bed / plot assigned: __________ # of Bales (length) = _________

Amount Received (Basic plot is 3 bales/$25, max 2 plots per person): ________