Heritage Farms
Stouffville, ON

Peter Reesor is the 23 year old proud owner and founder of Heritage Farms and has spent countless hours of hard work ensuring that everything runs smoothly at Heritage Farms during its first few years of operation. Heritage Farms grows the sweetest strawberries around using strict organic practices along with careful timing to harvest at the right time and only sell the very best of what is grown. Peter grew up in a farming family and has studied agriculture at the University of Guelph. The farm was named Heritage Farms to capture the long-standing family farming history that has developed on the land for four generations. It is obvious that lots of TLC has gone into these berries with a large majority of the work being done by hand and no use of pesticides and herbicides. Come to The Backyard early to make these flavour filled treats!

Farming Practices: Pesticide and Herbicide Free, Low to None Fossil Fuel or Machine Use
* Seasonal Vendor to the Market


Green Gate Farms

We love Green Gate Farms and always receive amazing feedback about their tastey Beef and Pork. Farmers Ron Goettling and Wendy Elrick hand raise all of their calves naturally without growth hormones, preventative antibiotics, or animal based feeds. Animal welfare is their number one priority and they hold strong practices in place to provide a better quality of life for their animals. This in turn provides a better product and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable and ethical food source.

Farming Practices: Hormone Free, Antibiotic-Free, Non-animal based feeds
* Weekly Vendor to the Market




Historically prized for its complex flavour profile and superb aftertaste, Haitian coffee has been lost to the world for over 65 years. After graduating from Western in 2011, with an old map and the spirit of adventure, two entrepreneurs set out to change that. Today, Cafe Xaragua (pronounced “Z”aragua), is North America's only retail Haitian coffee company.

For every bag of coffee sold, Xaragua plants one coffee tree in Haiti. Each bag comes with a unique tree ID number so you can log on to our website and register their coffee tree. They work with four thousand individual farmers in Haiti and to date have planted five thousand one hundred and seven coffee trees. Xaragua’s objective is to eliminate the poverty cycle and halt deforestation. Xaragua coffee is shade grown under the little tree canopy that remains. By paying reliable fair prices for the coffee, farmers receive an economic incentive to keep the tree's standing. By reinvesting in the industry and planting additional coffee trees, this one of a kind company help the local economy grow while also protecting the region’s ecosystem.

Business Practices: Organic, Fair Trade
*Weekly Vendor to the Market


Monforte Dairy

Experience some of the most beautiful cheeses from Canada! Monforte Dairy takes the art of cheese making to a whole new level. They believe that the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale, and that their cheeses uniquely reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food – a little of the poetry and passion of life itself.

Monforte believes quality is as much their creative capital as the astonishingly good milk provided by the local sheep, goat, cow and buffalo farmers. Monforte partners with farmers practicing antibiotic-free, grass fed, sustainably humane agriculture.

Farming Practices: Antibiotic-Free, Grass Fed, Humane
* Weekly Vendor to the Market