Lime, Blueberry, Orange, Basil Water Infusion Recipe

Courtesy of Vanessa Greaves from allrecipes

This recipe is very accommodating to anyone’s taste. You are more than welcome to add more or less of any ingredient in the recipe or add in fruits that you may prefer.


* Lime slices (from about one lime)
* Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
* Orange slices
* Fresh basil (about a handful)
* Filtered or spring water
* Ice
* Stevia to taste


  1. Add enough water of your choosing to a beverage dispenser or jug.
  2. Fill the dispenser with ice.
  3. Add in the lime slices, blueberries, and orange slices.
  4. Pick the basil leaves off of the stem and add them to the dispenser or jug whole.
  5. Depending on your taste feel free to add a teaspoon of stevia.

Note: There are many benefits to drinking infused water as it helps promote weight loss as it boosts the body’s metabolism. Even though it is very flavourful, it does not contain any calories. Drinking infused water helps to improve your mood and helps maintain energy levels throughout the day. Carrying around a reusable water fruit infused water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and is also great for the environment.

Note: The picture used in this recipe is taken from Cooking Light