Locally grown & produced food sold directly from our farmers & producers. Free from antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, GMO's & big ecological foot prints.

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Here are some of our Vendors



Mississauga, Ontario

Ecosource is a local non-profit organization that helps deliver environmental education programs throughout the region of Peel. Teaching through hands on games, activities and gardening, Ecosource strives to promote sustainable and local food systems to local communities. All of the produce sold at the market by Ecosource is non-certified organic and locally grown by schools, volunteers and community members!

Featured Items: Herb salts, infused oils, pickled vegetables, in season fresh vegetables

Mena family farm

Mississauga, Ontario

 The Mena Family Farm brings an assortment of fresh, local and non-certified organic vegetables to the Backyard Farm and Market. Located right in the heart of Mississauga, this family farm uses innovative gardening methods such square foot gardening, vertical gardening and succession planting in order to produce their yield. They are very passionate about community engagement and look to foster community relationships through conversation and idea sharing. 

The little garden company

Brampton, Ontario

The Little Garden Company uses organic and traditional victory garden growing methods to grow their produce on their own property and on the Backyard Farm and Market Farm Site. Dawn, being an experienced gardener, landscaper and florist with a passion for urban agriculture, places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and design in all the company produces. In their effort to promote urban agriculture and sustainability, the Little Garden Company offers pollinator seeds and garden starter kits to help the public take part in combatting the dramatic pollinator decline Ontario is currently faced with.

Featured Items: In season Vegetables, Dried Spice Blends, Pollinator Kits and Seeds, Edible Garden Planters, and Local Cut Florals

Farming Practice: Environmental Sustainability, non-certified Organic

In Good Taste Farm

Oakville, Ontario

Mike began his career in food preparation and worked back along the supply chain to learn as much as he could regarding the growing methods behind raising the cleanest, tastiest, most nutritious food. It wasn't long before he began sourcing his own seed and transplanting tiny seedlings wherever he could find a vacant spot of dirt. In Good Taste Farm is now scaling up for its inaugural season at Backyard Farm Market with a bumper crop of vegetables as well as handmade preserves, dry rubs, barbecue sauces, and a selection of organically grown microgreens.

 In Good Taste also features produce from Bizjack Farms and Piccioni Brothers Certified Organic Mushrooms. You’ll also be able to find Sprouted Organic Breads and Baked Goods at Mike’s tent. The passion of making healthy food extends to all he and his family do.

 Farming Practice: Environmental Sustainability, non-certified Organic


in good taste farm

Oakville, Ontario

In Good Taste Farm also makes a variety of organic breads including a Sprouted Organic Bread



Mississauga, Ontario

Living Chocolate produces a wide array of vegan chocolates and cheesecakes suitable for all. These health conscious raw sweets are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars! Living Chocolate seeks to emphasize that healthy and tasty can be one in the same with their line of raw vegan chocolates and decadent cashew based cheesecakes.

 Featured Products: Chocolate bars (assorted), Frozen Cheesecakes (nut based, assorted).

Humble Roots

Whitby, Ontario

Tiffany Chan and Sarah Coughlin of Humble Roots Organic bring organic, raw, vegan desserts to the table!  Their desserts are nutritionally dense and packed with superfoods making them a healthy local alternative for any sugar fix you may need. Humble Roots features cookies, brownies, energy bars, raw cakes, macaroons and other treats.

Featured Products: Macaroons, Cookies, Squares, Energy Bars, Cakes, Goji Berry Lemonade and sometimes Ice Cream Sandwiches


Allin Mikuna

Toronto, Ontario

Allin Mikuna brings a new innovative outlook on instant soup! This family run business is based in Toronto and commits to bringing healthy, inclusive, quick and environmentally conscious organic soups to its local consumers. Allin Mikuna’s instant soup mixes are created without the use of preservatives or artificial flavors and cater to diet specific needs such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten and soy intolerance. These soups are a healthy and simple option for those looking for quick delicious meals.

Featured Products: a variety of dehydrated soups packaged in mason jars

Firebat Coffee Co.

Oakville, ON

The Firebat Coffee Company from Oakville, offers unique and imported direct trade coffee in the form of freshly brewed or cold brewed coffee and packaged coffee beans. Firebat looks to make meaningful connections with producers and maintain a trade model that benefits both local and international communities. The husband and wife duo behind this coffee company are passionate about delivering high quality coffee while supporting central American communities that depend on the survival of the crop variety.

Featured Products: Coffee beans, Freshly Brewed and Cold Brew Coffee

steve's bees apiaries

Mississauga, Ontario

Meet Beekeeper, Stephen Rice of Steve's Bees Apiaries. He has several bee yards across southern Ontario and seeks to farm and keep their bees using natural methods with environmental sustainable ways. Steve's Bees Apiaries strictly use farms where no pesticides are used and do not give the bees themselves pesticides or antibiotics. They use a variety of crops and seed the fields with bee-friendly and fertility enhancing plants like alfalfa and clover. Going above and beyond, Steve's Bees Apiaires makes hedge-rows and maintains natural and wetland areas to encourage bio-diversity. Along with the wild flowers this practice produces, they also plant trees, including 'bee-trees' such as apple, basswood, black locust and most recently, tulip poplar. Talk to him about the beehive on-site at The Backyard!

Farming Practices:  Environmental Sustainability, Pesticide Free, Antibiotic Free

  *Weekly Vendor at The Market


TK Preserves

Burlington, Ontario

TK Preserves produces small batch preserves and pickled vegetables made entirely from locally sourced produce. TK boasts that the diversity of their pectin free preserves goes far beyond toast as it adds delightful flavor to smoothies, dressings and savory sauces!

 Featured Products: Preserves/Jams (Assorted Fruits), Pickled Vegetables (Assorted)


Frogpond Organic Winery

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The Frogpond Winery, established in 2001, is Ontario’s first certified organic winery. Frogpond emphasizes the importance of environmentally sustainable winery practices in the production of their wines and advocate for the importance of natural harmony in winemaking. All of the wines offered by Frogpond are certified Organic by Pro-Cert for both grape growing and winemaking processes. All grapes are grown in the absence of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic & chemical based products!


Featured Wines: Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal (dry), Chambourcin, Rose, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Merlot


Captain jamie's

Mississauga, Ontario

Gabi Star makes her products in small batches, by hand, the artisan way using the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible. She also grows herbs for her products on-site at The Backyard Farm. She provides soaps, body scrubs, lip balms, face cream and a sunscreen. Best smelling spot at The Backyard!


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